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Internet of Things and Food Manufacturing

Demands of food safety and traceability management can make it difficult for Australian food manufacturers to ensure that they maintain the high quality of their products. The industry has been under spotlight with high pressure with the...
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Connectivity Infrastructure: To Build, or To Buy?

Connected devices are seemingly everywhere these days - from everyday applications such as personal healthcare devices for seniors that let them age in place; to remote pipeline sensors protecting the environment; to agricultural sensors...
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IoT Readiness Calculator is a Giant First Step to Harnessing Connectivity

Understanding how an organization can maximize the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) is typically a major hurdle to clear. Because the IoT can be harnessed to achieve so many benefits, companies must first understand how it can addre...
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RevX Systems Guest Blog: Monetizing the IoT

 New and innovative Internet of Things products and services, created by packaging an intelligent device with a cellular network and software application, are presenting a tremendous opportunity for businesses to achieve rapid growth, e...
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How To Prepare Your Company For 2G Network Shutdown?

As you must be aware that cellular network operators around the world plan to shut down their 2G networks to eventually pave way to 4G/LTE services. In the USA, AT&T plans to shut down their 2G network by 1st January 2017. Singapore plan...
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Simplifying IoT and M2M Deployments: Supply Chain Consolidation

Traditionally, IoT and M2M solutions consist of complex supply chain demands that require many different materials, parts, and vendors to manage. Even when deploying a solution consisting completely of off-of-the-shelf components calls f...
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Is Cellular Really Better than WiFi for Premises and Asset Security?

When we think of connected security systems, whether for an office building, a factory, or a home, the connectivity option that immediately jumps to mind is most likely WiFi. It makes sense. The application is, by rule, fixed to a specif...
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