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Internet of Things : The Future of Farming

Smart farming is a concept quickly catching on in the agricultural industry. Offering high-precision crop control, useful data collection, and automated farming techniques, there are clearly many advantages a networked farm has to offer.
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Digital Twins: How IoT Data can Further Improve the Healthcare Experience

In this space, we’ve been discussing the possibilities of using IoT applications to solve costs and revenue leakage for healthcare providers, and to streamline clerical tasks that can often reduce facetime healthcare practitioners have w...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part VII: The Rise of Plug & Play IoT

In past years, IT leaders grappled with the challenges of 1) Architecting an Internet of Things infrastructure, and 2) Building it. These pioneers ventured into the unknown, locating vendors to help provide disparate pieces to a larger a...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part VI: Consolidation in the IoT

As the Internet-of-Things becomes more wildly adopted across verticals from fleet management to retail, a growing number of wireless companies will try to join the race of being the best provider of IoT connectivity services. With more p...
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Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part IV: Tablets Taking the Reins

It’s no surprise that tablets have become popular with consumers over the last 5-8 years – the ability to have the latest movies, games and other apps at your fingertips, regardless of location, is exciting to buyers and brings the digit...
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