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M2M and IoT statistics and predictions - do the numbers add up?

Posted by Jacinta Young and Shane Murphy on 06/02/15 11:36



People love predictions and statistics.  Every week there seems to be a new report or headline coming out about what the state of M2M will be in 2020. How many millions or trillions of things will be connected to The Internet of Things in next next 10 or 20 years.

But what do they mean? Are they hyped up forecasts from those in the industry or are we really heading for a multi-billion- trillion connected world like all the reports suggest?

Shane Murphy, KORE APAC GM & VP has 15+ years experience in the Machine to Machine industry and has seen it grow from basic radio to radio networks, to the technology behemoth we see before us. Shane sheds some light on the reality of the industry from his perspective and how it has grown over the last 15 years.


“In a word BOTH. Like most predictions all of these will be utterly utterly wrong when seen through the prism of hindsight. What they do correctly foresee though is that the connected world is growing daily and exponentially….. and it never really turns out exactly how we expect.

I was watching a TV show the other day set in 2007, which also looked back to 1999. It gave me some useful signposts around which to frame this discussion. In 1999 we had mobile phones that you talked on. The internet was here on our PCs. There was no GPRS except in labs and tests. By 2007 the iPod was everywhere and the first iPhone was on the verge of being born. Blackberries were ubiquitous and text messaging had become a phenomenon. 3G networks were springing up all over and starting to carry serious data, while GPRS networks were booming along in m2m.

We all “knew” that vehicle tracking would one day become big, but none of us really saw the age of Apps and Cloud clearly. That equivalent leap into ubiquity that iPhone and Android gave to our personal lives has yet to hit m2m/IoT. It will… eventually.

What we really don’t know is exactly how and where and why – what will be the take off point for that stellar growth? Smart Homes? Wearable computing gone nuts? Smart cars for insurance and maintenance?

All of these are happening in a relatively low key way today. No one is rushing the stores and queuing up to get them, but they are building. What is it that makes this stuff irresistible to us? That is the question we all want to answer, and frankly I’ve got little more than anyone. In any case my guess is that most of the really big consumer related devices will not be “m2m” in the way we see it today and won’t use cellular as their base comms network.

On the more prosaic front m2m as we conceive it today - industrial related devices using cellular networks has grown at 25%+ CAGR since we first started collecting these numbers and in my view will keep doing that for at least another 5-7 years without respite. By any measure that’s a very healthy industry and will keep us figuring out ways to do more for a long while to come.

Maybe by then we’ll start to some these predictions come to pass. In the meantime we’ll just keep doing what we do – supplying great ways to connect more things to each other.”

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By Shane Murphy, VP & General Manager Asia-Pacific

Shane is Vice President and General Manager of KORE Wireless in Asia-Pacific. An accomplished business strategist and development executive with extensive experience in mobile communications, commercial two way radio and M2M. Shane is an advocate of real time solutions, and product development available to the industry. 

The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are sole property of the author and do not reflect the opinions of KORE Telematics or KORE Wireless Group unless specifically stated.

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