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M2M Starter Kit

M2M Product Development Simplified!

The KORE M2M Starter Kit is designed to help developers focus on testing M2M device configurations and perfecting a viable route to market without the difficulties associated with finding a network provider and worrying about data plan requirements.


What's in the kit?

A KORE Wireless SIM Card with 90 days access to the KORE Global M2M Network including:

  • 30MB of data to be used over 90 days across 2G & 3G (where available).
  • 20 SMS messages to be used over 90 days.
  • Access to the KORE PRiSM Pro support & management portal.
  • Service in 190+ Countries.
  • Optional Static IP Allocation & an IPSEC VPN Tunnel directly to your device.
Supported Regions: Asia, Australia & New Zealand, The Pacific Islands, Africa, North America, South America, Europe & The Middle East.

M2M Starter Kit Pricing

  • AUD $30 per SIM (up to a maximum of 5)
  • Optional – AUD $50 per Account for Static IP & VPN Access

Terms & Conditions

Referral Program

Starter kits are also available from selected M2M hardware providers free of charge for evaluation purposes. Ask your hardware provider for a referral code to use below.

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